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Why You Should Start Doing Yoga

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For many people, yoga is not just a practice but a lifestyle. By practicing the postures, breathing exercises and mindfulness, you train not only your body but also your mind.

Yoga has a lot to teach us about correct body posture and flexibility, helps us relax and develops some strength.

Now let's dive deeper into the benefits of the practice:

Relieve stress

Yoga is a great way to deal with stress. You employ a number of relaxation techniques, which with a regular practice, can make you calmer in your everyday life.

Get flexible

It's obvious that with all the postures, movements and flows you develop more flexibility and that's awesome to maintain your body young and mobile.

Sculpt muscles

Some postures require tons of strength to get and to maintain them hence your muscles will grow bigger and stronger to reach a good level of practice.

Prevent workout injuries

The flexibility you develop in the practice grants you a better range of motion along control and strength in that range, so this avoids injuries during the practice of other sports. As you get better at Yoga, you get better at your favourite sports!

Calm your mind

You are forced to disconnect from the Internet, texts, calls and emails for the duration of the practice so you are more present and mindful in that moment. This mindfulness practice helps you ease your mind and gives you tools to face problems in a different perspective.

Minimum equipment

In yoga there's little equipment you need to practice it. You can start just with a mat (this or this) and your body. As you progress in your journey, you can add more elements to the practice like yoga blocks and resistance bands (this or this).


Yoga is totally recommended and has lots of benefits as we have seen, but it shouldn't be the only physical activity you practice. It serves well as a complement to other programs.

You shall add other activities that will develop qualities of fitness like strength and endurance in a higher level.

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