How to Get Six Pack Abs: Simple tool

A nice six-pack is the goal of most of the population, because it represents dedication and effort in the gym and a relatively low body fat percentage to make it visible.

Contrary to popular belief, you need to train your abs but you also have to eat healthy if you want your worked abs to be seen. It's as important the exercises as your diet.

Forget about tedious and boring crunch exercises that will bring you more problems than benefits (it's one of the less effective abdominal exercises) and embrace this powerful tool to build your abs.

Ab Wheel Roller

You probably have seen this piece of equipment in lots of TV commercials and you might be thinking that we've lost our minds recommending this, but you have to believe us, this REALLY works wonders on your abdominal muscles.

There are several models with a varying range of prices but don't be worried about this, even with a cheap one you will get the benefits.

The most basic model is this one. It's cheap and simple and it's the best option to get started if you are new to it and don't want to spend money to try it.

Next you have an improved version of the ab roller where the handles are more comfortable and the wheels offer more stability so you will be able to work your abs non stop.

And finally, the most advanced ab roller is this one. With this roller you'll develop your abdominal muscles harder: with its thick wheel and inclined handles you will work on stability and strength and you will get your six pack extremely quick!


You have been working on your abs but you can't see them? That's because diet is an important role in achieving the holy grail six-pack.

You build your muscles in the gym but you show them in your kitchen. No matter how strong abs you have, if they are behind a layer of fat you will never see them glow.

How much fat should you aim for? It depends. Some (fortunate) men will show abs with a 12-13% body fat. Others need to achieve a 7-8% body fat to get that definition. It depends mostly on genetics and hormones. Also, depending on your abs development, you might need a higher or lower body fat percentage to make them visible.

Here you can see an approximate guideline of the relationship between body fat percentage and visibility:

So now it's your turn! Go ahead and start building your six pack, not only you will see yourself better and be more confident, but also you will have all the benefits a strong core has to offer to your global health.
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