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Adjustable Ankle Straps (Weights): Why Use Them + The Best Ankle Weights To Buy In 2018

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Believe it or not, ankle weights are nowadays one of the best exercise tools for individuals of all ages. Instead of the common belief that only professional athletes should use them, these little weights come in all shapes and forms - and with different weights attached to them.

One of the best products in this niche, however, is the adjustable ankle straps with weights. They are easy to carry around and have a fantastic function which people can use in many ways.

If you are into strength training, you will love the ankle weights and the resistance they provide.

Below, we are talking more about their benefits and use cases.


Ankle Weights: The Perfect Answer To A Full Body Approach, Injuries, And Strength Issues.

Nowadays, most people struggle to make time and complete a workout. In times when the massive pieces of full-body exercise equipment take up a lot of space in our homes and workplaces, using ankle weights provides the perfect solution to all of the problems.

Since they are usually light (5 to 10 pounds), ankle weights are not linked to significant muscle gains from a workout. However, they target the full body, increase strength and performance. However, in such cases they can only fit strength training exercises - and not during cardio (walking or running). Wearing them for cardio exercises can strain your ankle joints or leg muscles and cause injuries.

Furthermore, ankle weights can be used for nursing people back to life - whether in rehabilitation centers or strength training for individuals aged 60 or more or ones recovering from injuries or surgery. They can also be used for disease and pain management.


4 Best Adjustable Ankle Straps With Weights Money Can Buy In 2018

As we said above, finding a set of adjustable ankle straps with weights can give you safety, comfort and freedom of movement, all while ramping up your performance at the gym.

If you are ready to purchase the best adjustable ankle weights for you, we are reviewing the top-rated products below.

Reflective Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

Designed for all sizes of ankle and wrist weights, this pair of ankle straps is just right for everyone who wants a full body workout. The pair of weight sets weights 1lb (0.5lbs each) which is why they are fit for men, women and kids who want to increase the capacity of their workouts. The material is soft and durable as well as skin-friendly.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Ankle Weights (Set of 2 x 2.5 Lbs)

This pair of 2.5-pound ankle weights sums up to 5 pounds total and is perfect for improving the muscle tone and structure as well as better balance, coordination, core strength and more. The durable polyester and nylon construction is filled with sand-filled weights and has a removable pocket that lets you adjust the weight to meet your needs. The product can be purchased as 2x2.5 lb weights or 2x 5 lb weights.

Reehut Durable Ankle Weights (1 Pair) With Adjustable Straps

Available in six different colors, these ankle weights are perfect for any activity - whether it’s fitness, exercise, walking, jogging, gymnastics, aerobics or strength training. Made of premium quality with durable mercerized cotton, they are breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable to use. All you need is to adjust the velcro closure to ensure a customized fit and benefit from the two ankle straps weighing 1 lb each.

Adjustable Weight Lifting Training Wrist Straps With Support Braces (For Crossfit/Powerlifting)

If you are looking for the perfect ankle weights for Crossfit or powerlifting exercises, this is the product to buy. Made of high elasticity material, they allow for either a loose or a snugger fit without putting pressure on you or your circulation. They can accommodate many activities and do not pack extra weights.


A Final Word

In the end, ankle weights can be the perfect addition to your fitness routine. They can help you add resistance to your workout - kick it up a notch and add the right amount of weights so that you burn more calories but not drain your energy to zero.

If you are suffering from injuries, they can help you get back on your feet in a quicker type - or gain your strength after surgery.

The types of exercises with ankle weights vary from simple leg lifts to power walks around the block, pushups, burpees, ab workouts or strength training.

We hope this article helped you choose the best adjustable ankle straps with weights in 2018! Good luck!

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