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7 Huge Advantages Of Owning A Fitness Smartwatch

by FitCurator Shop | | | 0 Comments

Let’s face it - owning a fitness smartwatch used exclusively for sports and exercise may seem like a snobbish thing nowadays.

However, this is only snobbish to the people who never wore a smartwatch during their jogging, hiking, trailing or biking activities.

The truth is…

Fitness smartwatches are far from being a waste. There are a lot of advantages associated with them, which are best discovered if you talk to an expert. However, if you want to invest in a smartwatch, you should definitely know what model would best suit your needs.

Before we list the models that we recommend, let’s talk about the best advantages of owning a fitness smartwatch.


1. You can tell time

It may sound stupid, but the old fitness smartwatches were designed to only show the trackers for the activity you are engaging with. Today’s smartwatch technology, however, lets you use your fitness smartwatch just like a regular watch.


2. Nice looks and design

Most of the fitness watches nowadays are designed in a good way - to align with your style during the day. Some even look classier than most of the designer watches and keep people talking about them. This is definitely something you should consider, mostly because of the fact that smartwatch like this can easily become your favorite accessory.


3.Your best travel buddy

Tracking every step or mile during your travels can be quite handy. In fact, you will be surprised to see how much more you are walking (and burning calories) while traveling. That is why fitness smartwatches are not only for the gym - they are great travel buddies as well.


4. Finding your phone, keys or devices is easier

It’s 2018 - and most of the fitness smartwatches have a “Find Phone” feature which makes them even greater. In a way, they are a form of a phone tracker which connects to your phone, shows the notifications directly and lets you command it accordingly.


5. Stay in line with your fitness goals

Your fitness goals are the best roadmap to success in the gym. Whether you are doing yoga, CrossFit, calisthenics or any other type of exercise - a good smart watch can replace any fitness tracker or pedometer.

In most of the cases, fitness watches of this caliber include features like counting steps, distances, calories, heart rate, pulse rate etc.


6.Track your sleep

Believe it or not, a lot of health problems, dizziness, anxiety and other disorders come from your inability to sleep - or sleeping disorders. Most of the fitness smartwatches are now designed with a sleep tracking feature which can help you track your sleeping and sleeping habits altogether.


7.No silly prices

Undoubtedly, the most competitive advantage of owning a fitness smartwatch is the fact that you won’t pay a fortune on it.

At the same time, this is why more and more people and fitness fanatics are upgrading their old trackers to brand new fitness smartwatches.


Here are a couple of our picks:

Ultra Smart FItness Watch (Android and iPhone) - $47.95 USD

Supreme Smart Fitness Tracker (Waterproof) - $59.95 USD

Sport Smart Watch (Waterproof) - $45.95

Smart Watch (Android) - $165.95 = ***BESTSELLER***


We hope that this article helped you see why owning a fitness smartwatch can be great. Now, it’s time to look at the above-mentioned models and make your choice!

Good luck!

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