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5 Practice-Enhancing Yoga Accessories You Have Never Heard Of

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Every list of ‘the best yoga accessories’ follows the same ground rules when it comes to yoga - including items such as mats, yoga pants, bags etc. However, in a world full of yoga accessories, it takes some time to really find out about the most impressive ones. Don’t get us wrong - the classic yoga accessories are good stuff. And they are really helping out all the ‘yogis’ out there. But…What if we told you that there are even more modern, simply awesome yoga accessories that enhance your practice and give you a bigger desire to do yoga? We fool you not. Below, we are listing some of the hottest yoga accessories from our store and briefly reviewing each one of them.


1. Rubber Yoga Mat With Body Alignment Lines

First on our list is this amazing accessory that takes yoga to a different level. Unlike the classic styled yoga mats that may feature beautiful designs, pictures (or ones that are single-colored), this amazing rubber yoga mat has built-in body alignment lines. Made of 5 millimeter thick rubber, this yoga mat measures 183 x 68 x 5 mm which is ideal for both men and women.

Without a single doubt, this is something that everyone needs when practicing yoga, all in order to improve their body’s alignment while following the classic exercises.


2.Yoga Mat Sling Carrier - Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Yes, we know what you will say…‘We have heard of yoga carriers before’. However, this amazing yoga mat sling carrier is probably one of the most versatile yoga accessories out there. It comes with an adjustable strap that simply tailors it to your needs. The carrier is made of cotton and easily lets you fit your favorite yoga mat inside without much twisting and turning.


3.Yoga Sport Carrying Bag

If you have transitioned through the phase of carrying yoga sling straps and want something more serious (and something that will protect your mat against outside conditions), we warmly recommend you to check out this amazing yoga sport carrying bag. According to the hundreds of satisfied customers, the best thing about this yoga bag is its versatility and its (extremely) cheap price. It has a capacity of up to 20L and is perfect for any fitness occasion - whether it’s yoga or the spinning class. 


4. A Full Yoga Kit (5 Pieces/Set)

Tired of searching the perfect yoga accessories online? Don’t worry - we have a solution for you. This full yoga kit gives you the one-stop solution to all of your yoga needs. It features all of the essential products that you need for your yoga class - in three main colors (pink, purple or blue). Each set includes an exercise mat, a yoga brick, a yoga ball, a rally, yoga resistance bands, a towel with carry bag and an extra slimming product. What more could you ask for - right?


5. Non Slip Yoga Mat

If you are tired of slipping during your yoga class, this is one of the best yoga accessories that you must invest in. In simple words, it is a yoga mat that is designed from a rubber material that prevents slipping. Measuring 183 cm x 68cm x 1.5 mm, it is thick enough to provide comfort during your yoga classes.


Still haven’t started with yoga? Relax…We know that there are lots of you out there who are just skimming through this list and waiting for their first class unprepared. If that is you, you shouldn’t avoid yoga anymore, mostly because:

  • It will help you increase your flexibility.
  • It will give you a toned body.
  • It can help you lose weight.
  • You are investing in better cardio and circulatory health.
  • You are protecting your body from injuries.
  • You are maintaining a balanced metabolism.

What more do you need - right? As you can see, the world of yoga has tons of options to choose from when it comes to accessories, supplies, equipment etc. So, even though choosing what to buy can sometimes be a little overwhelming, the choices above will give you a good head start.

We hope that our list of practice-enhancing yoga accessories will help you hit the gym and start practicing this ancient discipline!

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