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3 FREE Fitness Products That You Can Get From Our Fitness Store

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(Rope + Yoga Mat + Bag)

They say that free products don’t exist - there is a catch behind every product offered as ‘free’.

However, we strongly disagree with this. At Fitcurator, our mission is to see more and more active people out there, which is why we have never stopped encouraging people just like you to get started and get moving.

Just because of that, we’d like to introduce you to our FREE products that everyone can order right away and start working out at home.

No jokes, no hidden fees and no awkward signups. All you need to do is put these in your basket, pay your shipping, and wait for them at your doorstep.


So, what do our FREE fitness products include?

1.Speed Jump Rope - Moving You Off The Ground

Whether it’s your favorite routine of doing the CrossFit double-unders or just want to have something that moves you off the ground and burns some calories, this speed jumping rope is a perfect product that every fitness aficionado should have in his collection. The great thing about our FREE speed jump rope is that the rope turns smooth and fast, has an amazing grip and can be used in a variety of ways. From athletes to CrossFitters, it can handle people with various sizes, types and weights.

The best part, obviously, is the fact that we are giving this speed jump rope for free - to everyone interested in getting it!


2. Yoga Mat - Ideal For Stretching Your Body

Are you into yoga - or just need a mat that will support you while doing your favorite ab exercises?

Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats that are a real aid during the practice of yoga and many other forms of exercise. Also known as non-slip mats and non-skid mats, they can help you work out not just in the gym, but in any other outdoor scenario (with grass, soil or asphalt involved).

Plus, your daily yoga retreat or exercise routine starts the moment you roll out your yoga mat - which is definitely a form of psychological relief that every active individual should look forward to.

Our team at Fitcurator would like to give you a yoga mat for FREE - all you need is to choose your color and pay shipping!


3. Yoga Carry Bag

Did you know?

A yoga mat can be the most uncomfortable gym accessory that you have, if not carried properly. For that reason, we present you to our exclusive Yoga Carry Bag which comes with handles and is made of lightweight materials.

With it, your yoga mat can always be safe and sound - and you won’t need to put it under your shoulders (when it laid on the ground just before that). This is also the third product that we are giving out FOR FREE in our store - all you need to do is place your order!

Time To Get Moving!

If you chose the color and specifications of your yoga mat, yoga carry bag and speed jump rope - all you need to do is pay shipping and then wait for the products to arrive at your location.

In the meantime, we’d like to show you some of the best exercises for improving your flexibility and function or the most practice-enhancing yoga accessories that you have never heard of!

Good luck!

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